Blades of Metal

Daughter Of Destiny

~ Book 5 ~

Broken hearts.
Friendships betrayed.
Fatal mistakes.

Distraught at the death of her first real love, Charley has deserted Ardreth and Violet and followed Nevaeh to Gehenna. In the ancient, empty realm of the dwarves that houses the gateway to the Underworld, they seek an artefact that will help restore Fujin’s soul and bring him back to life.

However, all is not as it seems.
Gehenna is a place of ancient betrayal and death, filled with darkness and the spirits of those who have died there. Charley is tempted into using dark magic and finds herself falling into the overwhelming grip of a deep and violent addiction that leads her down a path of cruelty and murder.

Unable to escape from the seduction of dark energy, she struggles against both the physical and emotional effects of using it, and the compulsion to give in to Moloch’s whispered promises.

There is only one person left who can reach Charley—her mother, Sara—but if she is to be restored to life, someone must make the ultimate sacrifice.
The cost for a soul returned, is another soul to replace it.

Ardreth and Violet must decide if Charley is worth the price that will have to be paid in order to save her.  Some friendships are not strong enough to survive betrayal; some causes are not worth dying for.

Has Charley gone too far this time, or will love and friendship save her from herself?


June 2023

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