Caves of Fire

Daughter Of Destiny

~ Book 3 ~

A desperate race against time.
The search for an ancient artefact.
Painful truths that threaten to destroy everything.

Relentlessly hunted by the Dark Master, Charley and her friends brave the burning heat of the lethal Cammargan Desert in order to locate the Atarian Compass and find the hidden caves deep within the Fire Mountains.

Facing execution, deadly poisoning, treachery, and deception, they must outwit goblins and battle fearsome monsters as they fight their way to the realm of the secretive and elusive Fire Fae. If she is to fulfil her destiny, Charley must now conquer more than just her fear.

As she struggles to come to terms with the blossoming relationship between Ardreth and Violet, Charley finds herself confused and overwhelmed by her emotions, and her jealousy threatens to drive a wedge between the friends.

Can they unite and stay one step ahead of the Ushaz, or will Charley succumb to the seductive lure of the darkness inside her soul, and use it to help her achieve her own desires?

Available March 2023

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