Rise of Darkness

The Alabastran Child(Light of Elorysia)

~ Book 1 ~

They thought their darkest years were behind them. They were both wrong.  

An inconceivable evil roams free in Elorysia once more. Not even the ancient artefact that once protected the realm can defend against Supay—The Lord of Chaos, now freed from his magical prison.  

Enraged and looking for revenge, he is not only determined to destroy the people who chained him, but seeks to reign supreme over all worlds, in every universe. 

And nothing can stop him…or the monsters he unleashes. 

Now, in order to save her only child, Violet must beg for help from the one person she hoped never to have to see again: Charley. But in doing so, she opens up a doorway to other worlds, and now Earth is under threat from Supay as well. 

With hard-won peace violently shattered, Violet risks losing the one person she has left to live for—her daughter—unless she and Charley can put aside their differences and find a way to stop an unstoppable darkness. 

Does magic really exist in our world? The answer may lie in this new, epic, dark fantasy series that fans of Sarah J Maas and Leigh Bardugo will love. 

Buy Rise of Darkness, Book 1 in the Alabastran Child (Light of Elorysia) series today, to discover who really wins in a battle of good versus evil. 

January 2024

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