Thief Amongst Dragons

~ Prequel ~

A rebellious, runaway Air Fae.

A dragon torn between family and duty.

United by fear, they must do whatever it takes to protect their world and save each other.

When Lorican, runs away from an arranged marriage, she sets in motion a series of events that will have a profound effect on the future of her world and change her life forever.

Arat, the Fire Dragon of Autumn has discovered a horror that, if unleashed on Elorysia, will destroy every living creature, including himself, but no one will listen to him and take action to defend his world.

Against her better judgement, Lorican is persuaded to help Arat do something that will endanger both their lives and incur the wrath of the mighty Sun Dragon, Arash.

When their actions are discovered, Arat is condemned to eternity in the Underworld as punishment for his crime. But Lorican will not give up on him and is determined to save him from a future of loneliness and misery in the torment-filled world of the Dead.

Can a fae and a dragon ever truly be happy together, or will the Guardian of the Underworld claim their souls and commit them both to eternal damnation?

February 2023

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