Thorns of Wood

Daughter Of Destiny

~ Book 6 ~

A place of magic and healing that is not all it promises to be.
Wrongs from the past that must be put right.
Friends and lovers separated with dire consequences.

The trauma of Gehenna is behind Charley and her friends and she has been reunited with her mother, but the darkness continues to ravage her body and soul, and time is running out for her.

She needs help, and the only place she can find that is in the magical forest of Fenyy D’Artha where the ancient mages Actaeon and Hora rule. But there is only one way to reach the mages, and that is to rescue Acantha, a nymph turned to a thorny plant by Actaeon, who is not going to be happy when he discovers what they have done.

The consequences of their actions are far reaching and, when Ardreth ends up in a life- threatening situation, Violet’s annoyance towards Charley spills over into anger and a decision that puts Elgyn and herself in a desperate position.

As Moloch’s army tightens its grip on Elorysia, Charley and the others must reunite and put aside their differences in order to escape from Fenyy D’Artha and work out where they need to go in order to find the last crystal shard.

Can Charley continue to resist her addiction to using dark energy, or will its growing presence deep within her give Moloch the power over her he seeks? Only time will tell as she and her friends struggle to stay one step ahead of their enemy and attempt to fulfil their quest.

August 2023

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