Hello. My name is Violet and I am a half-breed. There, I got that out right at the start of this introduction just so you know the truth.

It’s not that I am ashamed of who I am, but Goblins are not exactly liked very much in Elorysia and, as my father is the king of the Goblins, I tend not to explain my bloodline to most people. Fortunately, I look like my mother and have not inherited any part of my father other than the blood that runs in my veins.

Despite my mother dying at birth, I had a happy childhood. I was brought up on an island called Viridia, a rocky island off the southern coast of Elorysia, and it was my happy privilege to be able to serve, Beldren, one of the guardians who protected the great Crystal of Light.

The four Guardians and the others who helped care for them were my family until the day we were all betrayed, the Crystal had to be destroyed, and I lost everything to a monster called Moloch.

I wish it had not happened, but for some reason, I was appointed the task of finding the hero who is supposed to defeat Moloch and restore the light to Elorysia.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, this so-called hero turned out to be a girl from a totally different world to mine, and someone who flatly refuses to believe in magic. She’s argumentative, has a mouth like a sewer, doesn’t believe she can be a hero, and can be downright rude when she chooses, but you know what…I quite like her.

My people—the Hashani—are always described as being fiercely passionate and deeply loyal, and I see a lot of that in Charley. Maybe that’s why I understand many of the things she does, but it’s also probably why we clash so much.

But we have lots of fun too, despite the dark situation we are all in, and it’s nice to have another female to talk to about—you know—girl stuff. I just wish she didn’t have this crush thing on me. It gets a bit awkward sometimes, especially as I know she gets jealous of my relationship with Ardreth.

I know there’s something between the two of them as well, although I don’t know what and I’m not going to ask. If either of them wants to tell me anything, they will do it in their own time and if not…well, I’ll do my best not to be annoyed by them having secrets.

So, that’s a bit about me. I could tell you lots more but that might give away too much about what happens to us as we do our best to fulfil our destinies. Instead, I will let you read about it in Shadows of Darkness, the first book in the series which will reveal everything in the fullness of time.