Curse of Water

Daughter Of Destiny

~ Book 2 ~

A blood-borne heritage. The power to change the world. She didn’t want either, but fate gave her no choice.

Hope is fading fast as evil spreads across the once-peaceful land of Elorysia. Even the Watchers have fled and scattered in the face of almost-certain doom. But there is one ray of hope in the darkness. If Charley can find her powers and claim her fate as the Chosen One, she can defeat the enemy.

Victory will be hard-won, as Charley and her rag-tag band of fighters are relentlessly pursued by Moloch’s beasts. Facing battles, execution, and betrayal, Charley’s fledgling friendships are put at risk as she is forced to keep secrets and make sacrifices in order to stay alive and fight another day.

Mired in the dangerous marshlands of Elorysia, Charley clings to tenuous strands of love and hope. Are they strong enough to sustain her? Or will she succumb to the darkness inside her that threatens to destroy everything she cares about?

Curse of Water is Book 2 in the thrilling Daughter of Destiny series, and a must-read for fans of JK Rowling, Holly Black, and Christopher Paolini.

February 2023

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