Dragons of Earth

Daughter Of Destiny

~ Book 4 ~

A secret with unthinkable consequences.
Newfound love that is lost before it has chance to bloom.
Friendships torn apart.

As she journeys from the raging inferno of the Fire Caves to the frozen wastelands of Galtisgira, Charley begins to learn how to control and use her power. She and her friends battle deadly underground creatures, soul-sucking wraiths, and a grotesque monster of dark energy, but the greatest danger to them all is Charley herself.

When she loses someone she loves, her grief leads her down a path that is only going to end in betrayal, pain, and death. Faith and hope are all that is left, but that may not be enough to save Charley.

Will the wisdom of dragons and the love of the very people she pushes aside be enough to save her from her darkness, or will false friendships destroy everything and leave Elorysia to the mercy of Moloch?

AVAILABLE April 2023

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